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Hi, everyone I'm just a girl from Slovenija (if you don't know where that is look it up...)

I'm a student at an art school and most of my drawings are made during school and then digitaly done at home...

Sarcasm vs2 by PaboSaranghae :thumb213807675: Blitzwing stamp v.2 by LadyBeelze D-con Spark Beat by BloodyChaser The Log-out Stamp by Busiris Fanartist Stamp by Feniiku Smug Grin by GeminiGirl83 Fanart stamp by katthekat .:Hood Love Stamp:. by BlackHecate Avengers Stamp - Tom and Robert hug by The-GreenGoblin Avengers Stamp -  Robert and Jeremy dance by The-GreenGoblin :thumb335706269: Fun not fame... by prosaix :thumb335570211: :thumb335910475: Iron Man Stamp - Tony + sunglasses by The-GreenGoblin Iron Man Stamp - Party Time by The-GreenGoblin Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow I talk to myself... by prosaix :thumb140513890: Avengers Stamp - Robert and Mark by The-GreenGoblin Robert Downey Jr.  Fan Stamp by The-GreenGoblin Portal Stamp by MagicFiretrucks British accent stamp by ZZsStamps Flesh Wound Stamp by FernclawStamps AssCreed Stamp by Gainstrive Making Sense Stamp by JFG107-Stamps Koi Suru Boukun Stamp by Kabehchet Ao no Exorcist Stamp by ReverieSummoner Homra Stamp by 27Sasayayaki-kun Totsuka Tatara stamp by 27Sasayayaki-kun Fushimi x Yata (K Project) by sasunaru02fan K Project by ReaperFFseven Ao no exorcist stamp 1 by Tkaczka Ao no exorcist stamp 3 by Tkaczka Mephisto Stamp by VanessaGiratina Saruhiko Fushimi Stamp by KuroNoHato William T. Spears STAMP by ForeverSonu Undertaker Stamp by DoctorMLoli Pluto STAMP by ForeverSonu Support Undertakers FACE Stamp by dacrazycat :thumb193284164: Kuro: Grell stamp by Kaze-yo Kuro: Drocell by Kaze-yo Kuro: White Rabbit Sebastian by Kaze-yo Kuro: Mey Rin by Kaze-yo Kuro: Ciel stamp by Kaze-yo ANEX stamp1 by Abigail14 Mukuro Stamp by x-Koharu Hibird luff Stamp by T3hshiz Stamp - Ring of Cloud by Gabbi Stamp - Ring of Mist by Gabbi Stamp - Ring of Storm by Gabbi Varia Stamp by udonLuvA Arcobaleno Stamp by hamsterspirit Squalo Stamp by udonLuvA Stamp: Dino by mi-kuo Stamp Hibird by Hibird-club Colonnello Stamp by DragonFirebender Tsuna stamp :B by PaniFowl Stamp - Chrome Dokuro by Auyanne Spanner Stamp by Beru-Chan Mirch x Colonello Stamp by EurekaStamps Varia Bel Stamp by EurekaStamps 6996 stamp by PaniFowl Mukuro's Kufufu by ReverieSummoner Mukuro Stamp by Neko-Bel Hibari Kyoya Stamp by Neko-Bel Stamp - Hibari Kyoya by RinkaPortugal hibari and hibird by darkelite9 Gokudera Stamp by Avell-Angel Gokudera Stamp by Xinaliia by KHRclub Inaba x Kei by clio-mokona Sebastian-Stamp by AmayaChi
  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: Pour some sugar on me
  • Reading: Ao no exorcist
  • Watching: Kuroshitsuji
  • Playing: Assassins Creed II
  • Eating: Breakfast
  • Drinking: Cocoa
Ok so in the past few days, I've seen and read The Ao no Exorcist (Blue exorcist) Manga and Anime (Well I read the half of the manga up until now I think) Anyway and have any of you watched it, because there's this demonic headmaster/exorcist/son of satan(if my assumptions are correct) and his name is Mephisto Pheles... And for the past 2 days I've dreamt him.

Let's start at the first strange dream... (i'll try to write anything I remember of it it faded a bit)

As far as I can remember I had a boyfriend and we were in the amusment park. If I can recall we were searching for someone so we split up. After that I got a text. Supposedly it was Mephisto. It said I need you two. Now. And I remember that in my dreams I thought of it and it sounded more of a sexual intent. In anycase I ran to his trailer (yes he lived in one) and when I opened the door, Instead of Mephisto I found two guys in there. I don't recall who exactly they were supposed to represent, but it doesn't really matter, all I can remember is that one was tall and one was short. They apparently had Mephistos phone and were laughing at me. The conversation went a little like this:

Tall guy: "So the puppy came for his master. Where you so dessperate for his attention."
Me:  "Where is he?"
Short guy: "Don't worry he's somwhere uot there doing god knows what."
Tall guy: "You see this isn't really about him."
Me: "Then who is it about?"
TG: "Well do you see anybody else in here. You really are a little whore for wanting to be with him so dessperatly, what would your boyfriend say. Oh right he's in on the action too."
Me: (I went to the fridge to get something to drink) "Well so what."

Then the conversation continued but I can't remember exactly what we were talking about, I just now we were talking. And then Mephisto came in with that smile of his and said Ein, zwei, drei, and I woke up... Apparently in the dream me, my boyfriend and him had sex on a regular basis...

2nd dream...:

This one's a rather long one, because I had it this night and I remember it more.

It all started in a parking lot where Mephisto saved my life... I have no idea why, but after that he cared about me like I was his daughter. The other one that cared about me that way was a profesor of mine (who is btw also awesome) And he took me to his office and told me he would take care of me. After that I went out and met my profesor and some other kids there were two groups, my professor and his gorup and another group. I teamed up with my profesor and his group and we were suddenly in a giant red, I don't know how to describe it maybe the best word for it would be a cave, but it was more like a giant room. anyway, and There were sort of like three tests. there were obsticales on the way and you had to make like a u turn at the end of the room through a bridge and then make it to the other side of the giant wall like barrier to the right of the starting point.

There at first you had to get past a series of monsters lined up towards the end of the room, of course it was a team effort, which we failed three times. I'm not gonna explain the failed attempts because it would take too much time.  Anyway so after that we went outside where we got icecream. and I was walking alone and I saw my profesor in a strange corner and he was talking to some shady character. Before I could properly see what they were doing he shifted his body so I wouldn't see and turned towards me. We then had a conversation in the style of what are you doing here, you shouldn't be wandering around like this, It's a dangerous street and the likes of that. He then told me to wait for him right where I was standing and he led the other man deeper into a narrow alley so I couldn't see them.

He came back out and took me back to the same test where we failed before. this time we tried to do it more solo like and I got through first. I got through the round bridge and on the other side there were people shooting you and you had to dodge them. of course I got shot three times, but I still wouldn't die, so I finally got to the other side, where my teacher joined me and we got food and bandages for the wounds.

On the other side i saw that in the was there was a hatch, and there were three small doors all in all. And they could only be opened from this side, and they werepassegways back to where you started. But by the time I found it most of my team where on the battlefield or here with us. There was however the other team (which we saw on the first few tries to, but instead of the bulllets on the other side, they had to roll a giant cylinder, which looked really heavy to the other side. But apperantly they lost on that one and were back again.) Anyway but I didn't help them get to where we were.

Then I met with Mephisto again who took one look at my wounds and started raging at whoever did that to me, and then just smiled and said eins, zwei , drei and patched up my wounds. Then he hugged me and held me close and ordered me to never do something that dangerous again. It was really sweet and unlike him. but what can I do it was a dream. After that I woke up and tried to go back to sleep, but I just got to that room with the test again...

So yeah those were my dreams with Mephisto and I don't know why, but everytime I dream about him I just want to go back to sleep when I wake up just to see more of him... Oh well... at least I got this of my chest... to those of you who are going to sleep right now, happy dreams and I wish I dream about him again tonight. the dreams are way to interesting to dream and to insane and strange to not be mine...

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